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Good bye, flash card box

After thousands and thousands of hours of developing the greatest new software on Earth we softlaunched (is that a word?) our new vocabulary trainer last week. Maybe it wasn’t thousands but it certainly felt like it the last days, getting the trainer up and running. Since yesterday the brand-new vocabulary trainer is running on the German version. We will launch the other language versions in the next couple of days, so don’t worry. The cool thing is that we can already offer a couple of hundred different vocabulary sets. But the even cooler thing is that you can create your own vocabulary set and share it with other users. As with the language quizzes, all of our language loving users will really appreciate any work you share. So, say goodbye to your old-fashioned flash card box and use our brand-new virtual box. The sneak preview for our international readers is available in German.
If you have any suggestions or comments regarding the new vocabulary trainer, just drop me a line (yes, we are already working on some improvements which are going to be included in the next couple of weeks).