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Discover the Top Language Lovers 2015

The results of our yearly competition about language-related blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and YouTube channels are online! After almost 1,000 nominations and 55,000 votes, and Lexiophiles proudly present you with the lists of the Top 100 Language Lovers and the Top 25 for each category. You can explore the best online resources about languages clicking on the following button:
Top 100 Language Lovers 2015
Curious to know who made it to the Top 3?

#1 DW – Learn German, the official Facebook page of Deutsche Welle: here you can find interactive posts about the German language which will bring you a step closer to becoming part of the German-speaking community.

#2 Fluent in 3 months: Benny is the most famous language hacker on the web. He shares his tips on learning any language while he travels the world to explore new ones. His biggest piece of advice is that you should be ready to make mistakes!

#3 Easy Languages: an amazing YouTube channel hosting an international project about learning languages from the streets. Everyone can become a reporter and broadcast from their city. This method guarantees the creation of authentic and entertaining learning material.



The absolute three winners receive fantastic prizes offered by our sister site, including Kindles, yearly subscriptions to the website, and books from the VSI collection (Very Short Introductions). Apart from the prizes, taking part in Top Language Lovers is a huge source of pride for all bloggers, Facebookers, Twitterers, and YouTubers who feel the passion of their community supporting them in every stage of the competition.

Here at we are very happy about the outcome of Top Language Lovers 2015 and we look forward to the next edition. Keep sharing your love for languages!

The Top Language Lovers 2014 results are out!

Finally the results are out! After weeks of competition, and Lexiophiles have revealed the winners of the Top Language Lovers 2014. The results uncovered some unexpected surprises: a lot of newcomers have ranked very high whereas recurring online language lovers have ranked higher this year… or sometimes lower!

All results can be found on

Top Language Lovers - 2014 logo

Just a quick summary for you if you haven’t followed the contest:

The Top 100 Language Lovers is split into five categories:

  • language learning blogs
  • language professional blogs
  • Facebook pages
  • Twitterers
  • YouTube channels

So here are the happy winners:

#1 language learning blog: Fluent in three months from Benny Lewis

#1 language professional blog: Les piles intermédiaires from a French translator

#1 Facebook page: Learn-German-Easily

#1 Twitterer: @Scheherezade_SL a Spanish literary translator

#1 YouTube channel: Get Germanized about German language

Happy reading! And of course kudos to all the winners for doing so well and all the other participants who did so well.