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New year, new layout


Just a little late for our second anniversary but nonetheless a major change and present to us: Our new layout.
So, what’s new? We changed quite a fair bit, starting with the home page. We removed all the clutter and now put the focus on the search box and give you some news in the three content boxes. Second, we simplified the navigation menu. This also allows us to include more menu points than before. You’ll probably notice the new games section which was previously hidden in the forum. Third, we redesigned the dictionary search results page. The additional functions such as synonyms should be more visible now. We also added ‘quick search’ buttons on the left for you to jump to Google, Google Image Search and Wikipedia. This way you don’t need to manually open a new window and search for the new word. Cool, no?
As always, shoot us an email if you have any suggestions or found an error.