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Twitter Business Guide: Communication and Marketing

UPDATE: We have updated the Twitter Business Guide. Check out the completely revised 2012 edition here.

Having an online presence has become indispensable in most, if not all industries. Since everyone seems to be connected, having an online presence is not enough and standing out from the crowd demands an extra effort. Your company and your products need to be seen and talked about. You cannot expect your clients to come to you, you must reach out to them. To start, there is no better place to do so than Twitter.
Even the most hermetic of social media businesses have heard about Twitter. You may not know what it looks like, how to use it and what benefits you may derive from it, but the name should probably ring a bell. Twitter is one of the most popular and fastest growing means of communication and your company cannot afford to ignore it any longer. The hardest step is always the first one and the good news is, we can show you the right tool to help you make the best of Twitter, step-by-step.

Our Twitter Business Guide: Communication and Marketing explains how to set and optimally use Twitter and related applications for your company at zero costs. It consists of a four-step process:

1. Starting on Twitter
Even if you have no background knowledge in social media, you can set up a Twitter account in a few minutes. This chapter explains how to lay the ground works of your profile, interact with other users and use basic commands.

2. Using Twitter as a communication tool
As Twitter is not like every other means of communication, there are tricks and gadgets to optimise communication on Twitter.

3. Using Twitter as a marketing tool
Ultimately, your Twitter account is here to bring you some attention. How to be read, how to create a large network and how to best reach your users – this section answers all these questions.

4. Linking Twitter to your Business
Bridging your Twitter account to your business is essential and must be done smoothly. All the key ingredients of how to do so are depicted in this last chapter.

All you can do with Twitter is listed in this easy step-by-step guide. The ultimate handbook for online marketing rookies and veterans alike to become a successful Twitterer can be downloaded for free by clicking on the link below:

Download the Twitter Business Guide: Communication and Marketing

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