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Probably the world’s best business model

You know you’ve got an awesome business model when so many people want to use your service / buy your products that you can’t satisfy the demand. That’s exactly what happened to Kiva, a social microlending website. We’ve discussed it before, actually we invested some money as well in return to our users answering a questionnaire. A couple of weeks ago I got a message that repayment on one of our loans had started. I logged in and tried to lend more money but there were no people to lend to. The service is so popular that it is hard finding new borrowers. Today, I checked it out again, and – lucky me – I found two new groups to reinvest our money. People not being able to invest their money fast enough, sounds a lot like some news about half a year ago. But it is still happening and this time it is “brick and mortar” investments.