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French is the favourite language of users

After nine weeks of competition, the 64 languages of the Language World Cup have been arranged according to the number of votes received by users. The results are now live and we are excited to disclose them!


This year, German took the third prize, and is on the podium for the first time in three years. The silver medal goes to Italian, which gathered votes from all over the world.

Finally, French is officially the preferred language of 2015. This ranking has been determined by almost 120,000 votes. The winning languages were English in 2013 and Polish in 2014.

The full ranking is available on

The team thanks everybody who participated with enthusiasm and passion.

What is YOUR favorite language?


Have you ever wondered what the most popular language is? It’s a recurring question we can hardly find an answer for, since it’s a very subjective matter. Is Italian more romantic than French? Does Japanese look more appealing than Polish? How awesome is Thai? So many beautiful languages out there but only one can be THE most popular. That’s why  this year again the Language World Cup is back – 2014 edition!

Express your love for Esperanto, English, Spanish,…

We preselected 32 languages that will be put in pairs to face each other every day. The language that gathers  most votes gets through to the next round, until there is only one left: our World Cup Winner 2014!

How can I vote?

You can vote for your favorite languages on the result pages or directly on the Language World Cup page. Spread the word around you to get the language you want to see win the contest go as far as possible and hopefully strike gold! You can also support your languages via Facebook directly on the World Cup page by leaving a comment. The official hashtag is #blwc14

The contest is running from Monday 13th October on a daily basis until the 14th November 2014. We will then publish the results and the full ranking on the same page on for you to have  full overview of the contest.

Stay tuned and come back every day to support your favorite languages!

Curious about last year’s results? Check the Language World Cup 2013