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What is the most popular language in your country?

Out of all the hundreds of languages and dialects there are out there, which ones are the most searched for? Who wants to learn what? We decided to carry out a study to find out. With the help of Google Trends as a measuring tool, we checked which languages are most searched for around the world in a selection of languages. The methodology is quite simple. We looked at data from 2011 to 2016 in the following countries: Continue reading →

What is the hardest language to learn?

With over 10 million weekly visits, the community seems to be quite the bunch of language lovers! We were interested in learning more about the linguistic backgrounds as well as opinions of the people interacting with our site on a daily basis, and decided a survey would be just the thing to find out more about the community. Our hopes were to identify key statistics in order to share them and expand our resources on key areas where users either have difficulties or particular interest. With these findings we can better try to serve our user base, and you can see how others are similar or differ to you personally when it comes to languages with

The participation was spectacular, almost exceeding the limit of total responses allowed! We are grateful for all of your participation and support with this research. If you are curious about the outcome too, here are the results! Continue reading →

iPhone (and iPod Touch), here we come!

After our successful launch of the Twitter dictionary interface we can now say that the iTunes app store has some truly worthwile language learning apps. Together with our partner mobilinga we have created a few language learning apps with the most important vocabulary for each language. After all, you can already understand 95% of a daily newspaper by just knowing 4.000 words of that language. And I believe with some yellow press newspapers less than 1.000 words is enough when you concentrate looking on the pictures 😉 So, without further ado, here’s a list of the first apps:

Französisch Wortschatz – 5.000 Vokabeln: Vocabulary flashcards for German speakers learning French

Spanisch Worschatz – 5.000 Vokabeln: Vocabulary flashcards for German speakers learning Spanish

There are more languages in the pipeline, so check the iTunes store in a couple of days.