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Sneak Preview: New Games!

To all of our fellow ten 🙂 blog readers: The weekend is near, just another couple of hours before you can relax. A couple of hours? Wait, we’ve got something for you that stimulates your brain AND helps you relax. I know, it’s nearly too good to be true, but here they are, our brand-new games:



The new games are not accessible via the website yet, just by clicking on the links. We are still testing them but we thought our most enthusiastic users should get a sneak preview anyway.

Have a great weekend (and beat Thomas’ highscore, please!),

Learning is fun!

Ok, you’ve probably heard that one before. And since the days of hearing it from your parents or your teacher for the first time you still don’t believe it. Well, believe it now. Say out loud: “Yes, I am a believer.” (No, not “Yes, we can”, that’s a different Baustelle, as we say in German.)

Back to the point: We started to integrate our first language game a couple of weeks ago, the oh so famous hangman game. Now, today we have take it up to the next level, allowing you to play it in all ten languages we currently offer. And NO, that’s not all. You even get a free new game called Scrambled Words on top. And NO, that’s still not all. It’s all available for FREE. And if you order now…. OK, that’s it. No more late night home shopping TV shows for me. Hope you enjoy it.