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We live in an era of information, it is everywhere, can be accessed from anywhere and can be needed at anytime. The exponential amount of information available has made it challenging to find the right piece of it. Where to look for it? How to look for it? Our language forum, that recently celebrated its fourth birthday, is moving onto a brand new redesigned layout to help you swiftly communicate among language lovers!

Thousands of existing topics
Over the last few years, our forum has been the theatre of numerous exchanges about languages, cultures and people. Because of the steadily increasing amount of new entries, we decided to completely rethink our forum to make it easier for our users to browse through it.
Thanks to the search bar, you can now enter one or a few key words that will show you related questions. If the answer to your question is already available, you can now check it immediately! No need for you to go through every single question.
You can write your question in any language of your choice and about any language you are curious about. However, it is likely that you are not willing to read about all languages. Fortunately, the forum will display threads that match your language skills and thus have topics displayed related to the languages you speak. No redundant topic, only what you’re interested in!

A customizeable forum that fits your needs
Waiting for someone to answer your questions is probably not your only task of the day. We understand that, which is why you can now receive email notifications of new answers, comments or other activity that you choose to keep yourself updated to. Quick and easy, the information comes to you!
Challenge yourself: check the newest and the unanswered questions in a click. You can probably shed some light on someone’s doubts, so don’t think twice and start lending a hand to other users. Your good deed of the day can be a lot of fun too!
You can customise your profile and your settings (login required) at will. Select questions, topics, users and languages that you want to read about and interact with. Never miss an update and decide what you wish to know about.
Don’t wait any longer and throw yourself into a game of Asking & Answering!


Image credit: Andrezor, SXC