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All set for the world cup 2014 with!

It’s already been four years since South Africa and yet I can still hear the vuvuzelas echoing. Well, as we all know, the 2014 world cup is in Brazil, which, in all fairness, is THE nation representing football. If football did not exist, they’d invent it. And win all the time (Brazil has won the most championships so far)


We can expect many exciting games to come this summer and you might be considering a trip to Brazil for the occasion. After all it is possibly the best time to ever visit Brazil as football is inherent to the Brazilian culture. So the first thing you need to know about Brazil:

Brazilians speak Portuguese. Not Spanish!

You may have known that, yet you’d be surprised how many people think it’s not the case. So having learned Spanish at school will be helpful whether you want to interact directly with autochthones (most Brazilians understand Spanish) or learn Portuguese, however it is not the official language! Don’t worry, Portuguese is not that hard a language and you can always use our English-Portuguese dictionary app to have the right words a few clicks away.

If you don’t feel like learning Portuguese in such a short time, you might run into some difficulties once there. Fortunately, saves the day again – we’ve prepared the perfect guide for you to survive through your Brazilian football trip! You will find all the information needed for accommodation, eating out or go shopping as well all the words needed to share your passion for football. Get ready to cheer, complain and insult in Brazilian Portuguese!

Find your football guide as a PDF to download here.

Boa sorte!

Map of Brazil

Before the world cup is over…

… we just wanted to test your knowledge about football (soccer) – in order to properly prepare you for the world cup final on Sunday!

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