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Meet the i – user editing now live

We have added a tiny little i next to each word. When you click on it you will see a drop-down menu with a few functions. The most important new function is “Edit this entry”. Now you can not only suggest new words but also edit all existing entries. Our dictionaries are not perfect yet 😉 and that’s why we need the power of our users, YOU!

Now you can:
– add grammar to an entry
– add a category if missing
– correct spelling mistakes
– include an explanation for the context

As with new entries, every edited entry needs 10 positive votes from other users in order to be verified. Until then, the old entry will be shown.

The drop-down menu looks like:

The edit window opens underneath the entry:

A big thanks to all the users who have suggested this feature in the past. It took us some time but we think you’ll like it.