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Talking about disruptive innovation…

Hey, what exactly is disruptive innovation, actually? Well, that is a very good question…

Last weekend, Thomas was invited to IMD in beautiful Lausanne, Switzerland, to hold a joint session together with Albrecht Enders, professor of strategy and innovation at IMD, on disruptive innovation. The session was part of IMD’s leadership programme OWP.

Disruptive innovation is one of Prof. Enders main research interests… it is all about new competitors entering into a well-established market and changing the way the industry works. Take the airline industry as an example where new market entrants like Ryanair and Easyjet shook up the industry.

Thomas gave an insight into disruptive innovations from an entrepreneur’s perspective, talking about the dictionary industry. How will the market for offline and online dictionaries develop? Will there still be paper dictionaries or not? What about mobile online dictionaries? How will incumbents react to new market players like It was an interesting discussion and a lively debate!

Many thanks to Prof. Enders who made this session possible! By the way, for details on Prof. Enders research please check his blog:

Thomas and Prof. Albrecht Enders