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No matter how tense or moody, we tackle all the verbs at!

The conjugation tool has been growing quite nicely in the last few months. We started with Romance languages (French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese) along with German, English, Dutch and Polish a few years back. Those proved to be popular products as conjugation is usually one of the trickiest parts when it comes to learning a language.

English speakers may think that this is a joke; just add an ‘s’ at the third person singular in the present tense, some -ed for the past except for a few exceptions, all in all nothing undoable.

Fools! Not all languages are as minimalistic as English! Romance languages have different forms at all tenses and all persons. German can add endless syllables. (Have you met entgegengegangen?) Polish has even a different form whether the referred person is male or female. Conjugation is a nightmare.

Fortunately, is here and willing to wrestle in the darkness of conjugation to make it easy for you 🙂 Yes, that’s how hardcore we, language lovers, are!








So we have added some more languages to our range of skills.

We now have Swedish conjugation. Did you know that Swedish conjugation is almost as easy as English conjugation? You should look into learning Swedish.

We then added Russian conjugation. Much harder than Swedish. You should ALWAYS have a look at it before writing anything.

Finally, our latest addition is the Finnish conjugation. If you think Finnish and Swedish are kindred language, think again! Finnish is completely different and looks like an alphabet soup.


(Picture: Arno Hollosi)

That’s it for now, but we keep on working and we will be adding more languages very soon!


Regularly irregular – verb conjugation

Yes, we know. Studying a language is already hard enough so why did people come up with irregular verbs? As if the conjugation of a verb and when to use which tense wouldn’t be hard enough already. Lucky you because we just made your life a little easier. We now include the conjugation for verbs in our dictionaries. Just click on the tenses next to the verb and you’ll get the entire conjugation table. Pretty cool, no?

This feature hasn’t been rolled out for all languages yet and we are still missing quite a few verbs in some languages. We decided to roll out this feature asap because it is so helpful. Rest assured that we are working hard to include as many verbs as possible in the future.

Have a great weekend!