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Merry Christmas and

a Happy New Year!


Before you head home to spend some time with your family & friends, to eat some great food and to just relax we wanted to wish you Happy Holidays! One weekend of Christmas shopping left and then it’s sit back and relax time.

Thank you for helping us grow our business by sending us emails with cool new ideas, commenting on little bugs, suggesting improvements or just adding new words and quizzes to You have made a tremendous impact! We hope to see you back next year!


for the entire team

PS: If you are still sending out Christmas greetings and are tired of using the same text over and over again, how about writing Merry Christmas in another language? We have put together some personal greetings in our phrasebook (you can change the language on the top right hand corner).

What a year.

Dear Language Lovers around the world!

What a year! Lots of new dictionaries, new language learning games, new quizzes and the brand-new vocab lessons, all in one year. So what can we say?
Thank you! Thank you for all your contributions, all your feedback, all your comments, your ideas and your spreading the word across the globe to promote We hope you enjoyed the last year as much as we did… and just because it’s Christmas time, we’ve prepared this small little Christmas quiz. So if you are going to spend this Christmas in an English-speaking country, you should refresh the essential Xmas vocabulary right now!

Learn languages - language quiz

We hope you are ready for Christmas! Enjoy the days – and see you all in 2009!

Andreas, Thomas and Patrick and the entire team