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The Top Language Lovers 2014 results are out!

Finally the results are out! After weeks of competition, and Lexiophiles have revealed the winners of the Top Language Lovers 2014. The results uncovered some unexpected surprises: a lot of newcomers have ranked very high whereas recurring online language lovers have ranked higher this year… or sometimes lower!

All results can be found on

Top Language Lovers - 2014 logo

Just a quick summary for you if you haven’t followed the contest:

The Top 100 Language Lovers is split into five categories:

  • language learning blogs
  • language professional blogs
  • Facebook pages
  • Twitterers
  • YouTube channels

So here are the happy winners:

#1 language learning blog: Fluent in three months from Benny Lewis

#1 language professional blog: Les piles intermédiaires from a French translator

#1 Facebook page: Learn-German-Easily

#1 Twitterer: @Scheherezade_SL a Spanish literary translator

#1 YouTube channel: Get Germanized about German language

Happy reading! And of course kudos to all the winners for doing so well and all the other participants who did so well.


On the search for the most popular language!


Have you ever wondered what the most popular language is? It’s a recurring question we can rarely find an answer for. Is Portuguese more attractive than Spanish? Does Thai look more appealing than Hindi? How cool is Russian? So many beautiful languages out there but only one can be THE most popular. That’s why decided to run our Language World Cup 2013!

Loving Swedish. And Italian. And maybe Esperanto too.

We preselected 32 languages that will be put in pairs to face each other every day. The language that receives most votes gets through and is up to the next round. Until there is only one left: our World Cup Winner 2013!

How do I vote?

You can support for your favourite languages on the dictionaries or directly on the Language World Cup page. Spread the word around you to get the language you love go as far as possible and maybe even win! You can also support your languages via Facebook directly on the World Cup page. The official hastag is #blwc13

The contest is running from Monday 16th September on a daily basis until Thursday 17th October. We will then publish the results and the full ranking on the same page on

Stay tuned and come back every day to support your favourite languages!

Hei Norsk!

In spite of the biting cold and the icy wind of January we must endure here in Hamburg, we are working very hard and we have a new language for you to check on Norwegian Bokmål and its English-Norwegian (and vice versa) dictionary.
Come to think of it, Norwegian is a rather appropriate language to add in January 🙂

And so, if you are planning to go skiing to Norway, this could not come at a better time: find how to say ski jumping, make your own vocabulary lessons to learn how to order your food in Norwegian or have a break and take our quiz about how to flirt in Norwegian!

Unlike what you may think, Norwegian is not so hard to learn, especially for English speakers: similar roots, easy grammar and almost no changes in conjugation! What are you waiting for?
Well done Meri for all the hard work you put into the launch of our 24th language. We hope you enjoy using 🙂

Happy 2013 and may your resolutions include learning languages!

An international window over your professional horizon: Find the internship of your dreams via!

As we are implementing our new 2012 layout step by step to all of our products, we took a short break to launch a new product that will generate new professional opportunities for internship applicants and intern seekers. Our internship marketplace is a page to host internship offers to meet our international users.

The page is still at a basic stage, yet all you need is already there: using our sleek new design, the internship marketplace is free, easy to use, does not require any log-in and grants huge exposure. Why would you not use it? users are international language enthusiasts and since they are likely to be on the outlook for work experience abroad, we thought of bridging the gap between potential applicants and companies. We’re sure this will result in positive effects for both sides!

As soon as our latest page will have gained sufficient popularity and content, we will implement extra functionalities and broaden the market: filters to allow an easier browsing through sectors, locations and languages as well as an availability across all countries (for now, the marketplace is only open to Germany).

Who better than users make ideal candidates for international companies looking for interns with various language backgrounds? And now it’s even easier to find them: one site for 22 languages and hundreds of countries! All in a single ad posted within a few minutes.

In a day and age of globalisation, students seek more than ever experience abroad while companies need to extend their reach beyond borders and speak their clients’ language.’s internship marketplace is the perfect virtual location to help them meet and work hand in hand.

– John

The all-in-one toolbar, aka “eierlegende Wollmilchsau”

Dear Language Lovers!

We (ok, our IT-guys… Thank you, Fidan!) designed a nice little toolbar for the Firefox browser (yes, it also works for FF3).

This all-in-one toolbar does not only offer to search all our dictionaries for translations but also contains a Google search and a Wikipedia search. So now you have all-in-one when you search for translations, for general stuff or for encyclopedic stuff.

In German, we would call such an all-in-one toolbar a “eierlegende Wollmilchsau”. 🙂

Oh yes, and here’s the link: (currently the toolbar is not “publicly released” so you have to log in to download).

Have fun with the toolbar,


P.S. Yes, a toolbar for Internet Explorer is coming soon… 😉