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Auto-correct: OFF


The days of misspelling words are nearly over. At least when you use more advanced programs such as MS Word with their auto-correct functions. In the blogger world we still see many spelling mistakes but that’s probably due to the fact that there is no standard auto-correct function installed in WordPress. Anyway, our dictionary search still allows you to type just as you like. We could even called it a feature but let’s be modest (and honest): It’s always been that way. This allows us to do some cool data analysis on the words that couldn’t be found. And after some tweaking and crunching we finally completed our  Top Misspelled Words 2009 list.

Big round of applause for each seperate word – they are just awsome to look at. Wether you like maffia or belive in advertizing, particulary the dogy words adress cool misspellings. There, I made it – each top 10 word in my post. Way to go!


What a year.

Dear Language Lovers around the world!

What a year! Lots of new dictionaries, new language learning games, new quizzes and the brand-new vocab lessons, all in one year. So what can we say?
Thank you! Thank you for all your contributions, all your feedback, all your comments, your ideas and your spreading the word across the globe to promote We hope you enjoyed the last year as much as we did… and just because it’s Christmas time, we’ve prepared this small little Christmas quiz. So if you are going to spend this Christmas in an English-speaking country, you should refresh the essential Xmas vocabulary right now!

Learn languages - language quiz

We hope you are ready for Christmas! Enjoy the days – and see you all in 2009!

Andreas, Thomas and Patrick and the entire team