Hüftgold, Abwrackprämie & Komasaufen

The German “Duden” – aka the prescriptive source for the spelling of German – recently published a new edition.

The Duden really sets standards when it comes to the German language: If a word is in the Duden, it is considered to be a German word, if not – then not.

So the Duden published its 25. edition… containing about135.000 words. By the way: The first edition contained only 27.000 words.

Well, among these 135.000 words are a few new entries, which are now considered to be “true German words”. But do words like “It-Girl” or “Bad Bank” or even “twittern” really sound  German to you? 😉

Anyway, we just wanted to make sure that we included the most important ones in our German-English dictionary. Ever wanted to know what “Hüftgold” means? Or “Komasaufen“? Or “Abwrackprämie“? Just check it out.

And if you happen to have a good translation for “it girl”, let me know. 🙂 Thanks.


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