Yes, we can… translate it properly

Hey, Language Lovers around the world!

Today is Barack Obama’s inauguration… inauguration – what a word, do only Germans have problems to write and pronounce it properly?

Anyway, three words from Obama became world-known in the last year: Yes, we can.

Regardless if you like the slogan or not, it is short, crisp, straight to the point.

Now the question is: Would it be possible to translate this slogan properly into some other languages? How would you translate “Yes, we can” into German? “Ja, wir können” – no. “Ja, wir schaffen es.” – maybe.

So our language blog Lexiophiles posted a voting for the best translation of “yes, we can” into seven languages.

Please check it our – and vote for the translation you like best. And after that, please add it into our dictionary. 😉

Have a great day,


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