Foreign Languages and Trade

A recent study by Jan Fidrmuc (Senior lecturer in economics, Brunel University, London) and Jarko Fidrmuc (Professor of political economy, University of Munich) found that bilateral trade between European countries depends positively on the probability that two randomly chosen individuals, one from each country, would be able to communicate with each other in English.

OK, you might think, that sounds like a no-brainer, what’s the point?

The point is: The ability to communicate in one common language, say English, has a positive impact on trade. The two professors indicate that by bringing all European countries up to the level of English proficiency enjoyed by the Dutch could increase European trade by 70%.

70% !!! Hello? That is AMAZING !!!

A 70% increase in European trade – by improving English? That sounds like the best economic stimulus package I have seen so far.

No need for billions and billions of Euros, simply use for and start learning English by using the vocabulary lessons, the languages quizzes, the games, the dictionary… 😉

I should start writing a letter  to our German chancellor with the header “ instead of billions” right away…

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