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The communication facilitator: Coffee

I don’t know how many million or even billion people drink coffee everyday (OK, some might prefer tea, but these are details…). Besides waking you up in the morning it is in my opinion one of the greatest facilitators to communication. Raise your hand if you ever said “Let’s talk about this over a coffee”. Yes, I can see your hands. So today I went to the Open Coffee Club in Hamburg which just started a year ago. Thanks to Tobias, the initiator in Hamburg, people can share ideas or just discuss current issues over a coffee. How much easier can it get to meet people? BTW: Thanks Tobias for the coffee and pushing this event.

So, how about a coffee now?


Andreas’ first Thanksgiving

I know, I know, Thanksgiving was on Thursday, and we’re one day late. So what? 😉 It’s still “Thanksgiving weekend”, so we’re close enough…

Close enough for what?

Close enough to present you Andreas’ first Thanksgiving:

Learn languages - language quiz

Have a great weekend,


Good for you!

Dear Language Lovers!

Some of you might already know our test&train section where you can train your language skills by doing some fun, serious or entertaining language quizzes.

Good news: There are plenty of new features available in this section.

For those of you always thought that the test&train section is a little confusing and you didn’t really find the quiz that you were searching for, here is the good news: You can now search for a language quiz by using a keyword. Simply type in the keyword in the search filter (on the left of the page) and off you go. You can easily search for keywords like TOEFL or authors like Thomas.

For those of you who always wanted to create a new quiz, but thought that the opportunities were quite limited, here is more good news: We did a (more or less) complete re-design of the section “create your own quiz”. Now you cannot only create your own quiz, but also save it, edit it and publish it later. In addition, you can change the question type (multiple choice or fill in the blank), change the order of the questions and add explanations to each question. Now your opportunities to create your own language quizzes are endless.

By the way: Our all-time favorite language quiz is still “Richtig flirten auf Englisch. 🙂

Have fun with the brand-new test&train section,


Welcome, Pablo!

We would like to welcome our reader Pablo from Argentina. Keep spreading the word, Pablo! I will check our traffic numbers from Argentina closely now 😉


Welcome Krzysztof!

I just wanted to welcome our ninth reader (maybe there are some more but it feels so much nicer if you think they all fit into your living room…) to the blog. So: Welcome Krzysztof!

In case you want a personal welcome as well, contact me and I’ll make sure to say a big hello to you as well.

Andreas unpluggededited: No make-up, no filters, no nothing

In case you ever wondered what pictures look like when you haven’t thought of putting on make-up, dressing up for the occasion, getting a haircut in time and so on, just check out this picture. Lucky us, the article is really nice (and the author cannot really do anything about the picture, right?).


PS: Glasses really make me look smarter. Cool.