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The best compliment: being copied by a competitor

You know you created a good product and valuable content when a competitor bluntly copies your stuff. So, lucky us, we know we did something right. Let’s take a look at our Super Heroes quiz:

Learn languages - language quiz

Now, let’s take a look at one of our competitors. Click here to compare. Looks quite similar, doesn’t it? They are still missing the cool pictures, though.

Thanks for the compliment.


Nuovo dizionario italiano-tedesco on-line!
Neu bei Italienisch-Deutsch continua la sua scalata, a meno di due anni dalla sua creazione ci sono oggi, a disposizione degli utenti, ben 17 dizionari in 12 lingue diverse. Tra questi anche il nuovissimo dizionario italiano-tedesco, on-line da meno di due settimane ma già ricco di espressioni gergali, esempi e termini specifici. Buon divertimento e buon apprendimento!

Seit ziemlich genau zwei Wochen ist unser neues Italienisch-Deutsches Wörterbuch online. Tausende von Übersetzungen stehen Dir schon zur Verfügung – darüber hinaus viele Beispielsätze und fachspezifische Begriffe. Viel Spaß damit!

Letizia deutsch-italienisch Wörterbuch




Probably the world’s best business model

You know you’ve got an awesome business model when so many people want to use your service / buy your products that you can’t satisfy the demand. That’s exactly what happened to Kiva, a social microlending website. We’ve discussed it before, actually we invested some money as well in return to our users answering a questionnaire. A couple of weeks ago I got a message that repayment on one of our loans had started. I logged in and tried to lend more money but there were no people to lend to. The service is so popular that it is hard finding new borrowers. Today, I checked it out again, and – lucky me – I found two new groups to reinvest our money. People not being able to invest their money fast enough, sounds a lot like some news about half a year ago. But it is still happening and this time it is “brick and mortar” investments.


Stay tuned!

A few days ago we announced that it is Twitter Time at

Now we go retro… – it’s Facebook time.

Yes, we created a Facebook group a long time ago but somehow forgot about it. Not so good…

Our Facebook group called (what a surprise) let’s you get the latest news on new dictionaries, games, quizzes and any other sense and nonsense related to languages.

We currently have 264 members in the group – so come on and join!

Check out our ‘superior’ blog, Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date with the latest language loving news. Could life be better? 🙂

Stay tuned!


What a year.

Dear Language Lovers around the world!

What a year! Lots of new dictionaries, new language learning games, new quizzes and the brand-new vocab lessons, all in one year. So what can we say?
Thank you! Thank you for all your contributions, all your feedback, all your comments, your ideas and your spreading the word across the globe to promote We hope you enjoyed the last year as much as we did… and just because it’s Christmas time, we’ve prepared this small little Christmas quiz. So if you are going to spend this Christmas in an English-speaking country, you should refresh the essential Xmas vocabulary right now!

Learn languages - language quiz

We hope you are ready for Christmas! Enjoy the days – and see you all in 2009!

Andreas, Thomas and Patrick and the entire team