Welcome, new year

A brief welcome to our 14 fellow readers. New year, fresh start, new ideas. This will be an exciting year with lots of new products and content. Of course, we have some interesting ideas for bab.la. But what about you? Google is doing it, so why shouldn’t we? So now is the time to tell us what YOU want. Use the comment function or write me an email to andreas [at] bab [dot] la. Yes, you are right, we won’t be able to implement every one of your ideas. But we feel confident that your ideas lead to some exciting new features and products, such as the voting for the relevancy of a translation. Wouldn’t that be a nice late Christmas present? 😉

Have a great start!



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  1. Well, my wish is that you keep up the good work 🙂 and continue to publish new dictionaries!!!

  2. What about adding additional features to the vocabulary trainer? I could think of features like… being able to switch the order of the cards (e.g. first englisch or first german) or being able to actually type the correct answer. Thinks like this would be great!!!

  3. @Bigbeef: New dictionaries? No problem!

  4. I have an idea for the dictionaries: How about adding the possibility to edit ALL entries? That would make the dictionaries even cooler, because all users could contribute in improving the qualities of all entries… what do you think?

  5. @Terminator007: Great suggestions. I’ll put them on our list. Those have been on my mind as well for some time. This is something we need to develop as soon as possible.

  6. @Schottenhammel: Consider it on the list.

  7. exCiting… with a C.

  8. @Required: That’s correct. I corrected it.

  9. exCiting… with a C. 😉
    “But we feel confident that your ideas lead to some EXITING new features”

  10. hey guys, i don’t know how many great minds are working for bab.la but big props for what you’ve got going in the past few months! i’ve been following the updates for quite a while and i really like what you do! btw, what’s your goal? do you wanna cover all the languages spoken? do you want to conquer the world linguistically? i have two little suggestions for you to consider: firstly, could you get a symbol on the forums that tells me if a post is already answered or not? that would make it easier to check them. secondly, i love the vocabulary lessons, but is there any possible chance to send me an email when new lessons are uploaded (by users or bab.la)? is this technically possible at all? i am, of course, already a registered user of bab.la and know that you send out great vocabulary mails, which made me think of this in the first place. Muchas gracias, Rod

  11. @GoldenBallRod

    Hi Rod,
    yes, we plan to conquer the world 😉 Our vision is to offer as many languages as possible on bab.la. Right now we are at 11 but rest assured that some more will be added this year.

    Regarding the forum: I will put this on our todo list.

    Regarding the vocabulary lessons: Great idea. We are currently thinking of how to sent the user regular updates via email. We are planning a major update of the vocabulary lessons, but it will probably take some time. So stay tuned.


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