Finally: Dictionary search includes forum results

OK, this one has been on our wanted list for a long time. And not only on ours, as some users have suggested this feature to us a couple of times. Starting today every dictionary search also includes a search in the forum posts. Noone would do a separate forum search for a word anyway, so why not combine the two?

Forum results in dictionary search
Forum results in dictionary search

Oh, by the way, with the start of our tenth language a year after launch we decided to switch to English in our company blog. We figured that more people might want to read this blog (Really? Who said that?) but aren’t able to do so. And hopefully all of our five regular readers (yes, including you, Malte), will stay on board. We try to be as funny (or not funny) as we were in German.

Stay tuned, more features are going to be added to the dictionary soon. If you have any ideas, let us know.

Bug 366 closed. Over and out.


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