Discontinuous change and web 2.0

I was happy to be invited to the “Discovery Event” by IMD to speak about discountinuous change and web 2.0.

The conference was organized by IMD-professors Stefan Michel and Albrecht Enders. Together with executives from the IMD Learning Network member companies, we discussed challenges and opportunities when emerging technologies and business models (such as web 2.0) aim to redefine the competitive landscape in many industries.

Amongst other topics like the deconstruction of the value chain or disruptive innovation, Jana Eggers (CEO of Spreadshirt) gave a great speech on long tail and mass customization.

It has been a great event, and I hope that the other participants enjoyed it as much as I did!

PS: By the way, I don’t want to miss the opportunity to recommend you the recent book written by Prof. Albrecht Enders on strategies for e-business: http://bit.ly/8XyR75

PPS: Update (Mai 5, 2010): During the event, I was interviewed by Kevin Anselmo from IMD about innovation (and other topics). Interested readers can find the interview right here.

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