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Context Sentences Galore!

Since we started adding context sentences to our translations on (you can see them below the words themselves), we have come a long way and we have always more examples to help you understand a translation better and how to use it best.

While we keep adding new examples to our “oldest” languages such as Portuguese or German, the newly-added dictionaries already have some, as does Finnish or Czech and they are always more to come!

We do this by letting a computer program automatically match content from multilingual websites such as the European Union or the United Nations.

We continuously improve our algorithms so that the context sentences suggested are the most relevant and of the best quality possible. But we are only humans – and computers are not flawless either – so if you see a sentence that you deem erroneous or irrelevant to the dictionary, you can help by flagging it. How to do so? Simply click on the flag icon that appears when you hover the pointer on a sentence. We love to stand corrected 😉

Your help is valuable and we are always grateful to hear your feedback and that you take the time to contribute. Thank you so much 🙂