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Welcome Indonesian!

A new language for Christmas! We have been working over the last few months on an Asian language (for a change) – Indonesian. Halo, Bahasa Indonesia 🙂

After a year rich in new languages – Czech, Hungarian and Finnish – we thought we would explore further continents and let European languages be. That’s four new languages and five new dictionaries for 2012. Not bad at all!

Indonesian is thus our 23rd language and the English-Indonesian dictionary our 36th! We are still working on it and adding more entries, but it’s already a pretty cool dictionary to use. We hope you do like it, and please remember to click on the Facebook like button!

Of course you can add your own translations if you feel like it – any contribution is always helpful!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you think of some way we can improve our website.


Facebook Business Guide – Max out your Facebook Reach without spending a cent!

There is plenty of information about Facebook out there, from amateurs to expert users, from major business branding to online marketing experts – everyone has something to say about Facebook.

Yet, we at thought that that information was somewhat scattered across the Internet. So we decided to gather the essential you need in a step-by-step guide that will help you out from setting up a Facebook account all the way to having an active Facebook business page, with loads of Likes, high Reach and strong “Talking About” rates.

Source: Facebook

In this guide, you will find all you need explained in a very plain way: many pictures, all the aspects you can adjust later and the points of no return where you must make a decision carefully. Are you a newbie on Facebook? The guide has it all spilled out. Do you already have a running page that you feel could perform better? It presents ideas and examples of successful pages. Are there some technicalities or jargon you do not quite grasp? Find the light you seek in the corresponding chapter of the guide.

A significant part of this guide is marketing  related. If you are only aiming at a basic page, the first section is for you. The second half is more business and communication oriented; it is meant for users who will spend some time and energy building up their Facebook presence and pushing the social medium to a high level of communication.

The guide is free and can be found below.  If you like it, feel free to share it, like this blog post, write an article about it – any form of support is welcome!

Facebook Business Guide by

Facebook is constantly evolving and adding new features, offering new possibilities and giving more leeway. Therefore you should be aware this guide is only comprehensive within an extent. We will however try to keep it as updated as quickly as possible as Facebook grows.

You can find us on Facebook here 🙂