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Social Media Monitoring at Zero Costs

Publishing your own opinion on the web is done within minutes, sometimes seconds (for example by clicking the Facebook like button). Many companies still fail to realize that this is not only a threat (“People say bad things about my company that are not true (or true but I don’t want them to share this)”) but also an opportunity. An opportunity to learn what people like and don’t like about your product, service or company. We at have developed many features based on user feedback, be it the keyboard feature in our dictionaries or the development of an entire new product such as the phrasebook. If you are really lucky, users will use your contact form or write you an email about what they like or don’t like. But most often you are not (or have you won the lottery lately?). Still, people talk about you, you just need to listen carefully. In their own blogs, on twitter, on Facebook, in videos, as comments and so forth. It’s up to you whether you want to listen to them. Why is it so important?

1. You learn a lot.
This is unfiltered feedback, the most valuable of all. Don’t take everything for granted as the people who voice their opinion might not be a good sample of your target audience. But take it into consideration.

2. You can find your ambassadors.
Believe it or not some people are very enthusiastic about your product / service / company without you having to pay for it. They promote you even though they get nothing out of it (moneywise). Reach out to them, let them know that you are listening, share updates with them, ask for their opinion and you will gain ambassadors for life.

3. Your response will be valued highly.
It’s not only about listening but also about joining the conversation. Joining – not steering. Have your say, be open-minded, talk on eye-level, even agree to disagree sometimes. Your users will value your opinion. You are going to be surprised how surprised your users are going to be when you comment on their blog posts, tweets etc. Don’t let the few trolls out there (who always try to get into an argument) scare you away. Let them have their rumble – focus on the majority of users who really value you.

So by now you are hopefully convinced that it is good to know what’s going on out there on those social media platforms. I know how tight budgets can be so I put together a detailed Social Media Monitoring Guide which helps you set up your social media monitoring at zero costs. You’ll find a compact version for the more experienced user on Kirsten Winkler’s blog.

Download here: Free Social Media Monitoring Guide

Also check out our free Twitter business guide.

Enjoy and share!