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Hüftgold, Abwrackprämie & Komasaufen

The German “Duden” – aka the prescriptive source for the spelling of German – recently published a new edition.

The Duden really sets standards when it comes to the German language: If a word is in the Duden, it is considered to be a German word, if not – then not.

So the Duden published its 25. edition… containing about135.000 words. By the way: The first edition contained only 27.000 words.

Well, among these 135.000 words are a few new entries, which are now considered to be “true German words”. But do words like “It-Girl” or “Bad Bank” or even “twittern” really sound  German to you? 😉

Anyway, we just wanted to make sure that we included the most important ones in our German-English dictionary. Ever wanted to know what “Hüftgold” means? Or “Komasaufen“? Or “Abwrackprämie“? Just check it out.

And if you happen to have a good translation for “it girl”, let me know. 🙂 Thanks.



That’s what we Germans call the time during the summer when there are no news to report. So: Sorry for not posting for a while. We have actually been focussing on our Top 100 Language Blogs competition on our language blog Lexiophiles. We are really excited to see how it has taken off in the blog community: 473 blogs were nomintated, over 2.500 votes have been cast so far. Wow!
And yes, we are working on some improvements and lots of new content. More on that later. Go out and enjoy the sun while you can!