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The all-in-one toolbar, aka “eierlegende Wollmilchsau”

Dear Language Lovers!

We (ok, our IT-guys… Thank you, Fidan!) designed a nice little toolbar for the Firefox browser (yes, it also works for FF3).

This all-in-one toolbar does not only offer to search all our dictionaries for translations but also contains a Google search and a Wikipedia search. So now you have all-in-one when you search for translations, for general stuff or for encyclopedic stuff.

In German, we would call such an all-in-one toolbar a “eierlegende Wollmilchsau”. 🙂

Oh yes, and here’s the link: (currently the toolbar is not “publicly released” so you have to log in to download).

Have fun with the toolbar,


P.S. Yes, a toolbar for Internet Explorer is coming soon… 😉

Yes, I know!

Remember the days when your friends asked you: “What’s the German word for hippopotamus?” OK, maybe you don’t remember. Maybe they didn’t even exist. But there was a day when everyone (at least in the US) was talking about Fahrvergnügen. Fahr-what-the-heck? Well, now you need about 10 seconds to find out what your friends (or the Volkswagen dealer) is talking about.

If your cell NOT EQUAL iPhone, then: Take out your cell, enter, type in the word you are looking for and say: Yes, I know!

If your cell EQUAL iPhone, then: Take out your iPhone, enter enter, type in the word you are looking for and say: Yes, I know… and by the way, my phone is soooooooooo much cooler than yours!

INTRODUCING the brand new, easy to use, fast as hell mobile dictionary service. It’s cool, it’s free and it’s hot. OK, maybe not cool and hot, but definitely free. Hope you enjoy it.


PS In case you are still wondering about what Fahrvergnügen really means, skip the Volkswagen dealer (he won’t be able to show this to you anyway), go to your local Porsche dealer directly. Or watch this video:

Gimme, gimme, gimme

A fellow German blogger is auctioning off a Squeezebox Boom from Logitech (a webradio) for a good cause. If you ever wanted to feel really good or are just looking for the perfect Christmas present for your blogger boyfriend / girlfriend, then this signed boom box is it!

Click here and feel good: Versteigerung: Squeezebox Boom


PS No, with this box you cannot access I know, it’s a pity, but it’s for a good cause.
PPS Are you still reading this post? You should click on the link above and say: I want this! Now!

Do you speak Denglisch?

No news for an entire week. Shame on us. We couldn’t even think of a lame excuse. Well, let me try to brighten up your weekend at least a little bit:


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