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The days of misspelling words are nearly over. At least when you use more advanced programs such as MS Word with their auto-correct functions. In the blogger world we still see many spelling mistakes but that’s probably due to the fact that there is no standard auto-correct function installed in WordPress. Anyway, our dictionary search still allows you to type just as you like. We could even called it a feature but let’s be modest (and honest): It’s always been that way. This allows us to do some cool data analysis on the words that couldn’t be found. And after some tweaking and crunching we finally completed our¬† Top Misspelled Words 2009 list.

Big round of applause for each seperate word – they are just awsome to look at. Wether you like maffia or belive in advertizing, particulary the dogy words adress cool misspellings. There, I made it – each top 10 word in my post. Way to go!


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  1. Also see and for checks that go beyond spelling. ‘After the Deadline’ actually comes with WordPress integration.

  2. @Daniel Thanks for these mentions. Now we are out of excuses for misspelling words ūüėČ

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