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Bosley’s New Friends – Bosleys neue Freunde

Recently I have gotten my hands on this new kid’s book for German and English learners named Bosley’s New Friends. This dual language book is very useful for young learners of German and English because it has a very easy to read format and is illustrated very well with good vocabulary for children.

The book also benefits from things such as important highlighted words to attract attention which aid the reader’s memorization. The story itself is a very light hearted and nice read which really supports the idea of learning languages to communicate. The bear Bosley is essentially symbolising the reader who doesn’t know a language in his environment and must learn it to communicate with others.

Essentially the story is based on Bosley, a bear in a forest, and has a hard time communicating or playing with the animals and wanders all around without luck of making any new friends until he comes back home and finds out from his family that the other animals are speaking another language.


So Bosley’s dad takes him out to teach the languages the animals speak. During this teaching section the reader is being taught new words in both languages while in the story Bosley is learning the ways other animals communicate.

This way the young reader can see himself in Bosley and that the forest is his new environment and that the animals are the other people in his environment. This way  the sub consciousness of the reader takes this underlying hint as a note to learn languages to be able to befriend and play with other kids.

In conclusion this book offers a nice and easy read for the younger audience who are learning either German or English and teaches the reader a lot of new words and nice illustrations while explaining that learning languages is the key to communicate in a new environment.

The book can be purchased online and is available in many language combinations.

Image: Tim Johnson,