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Finally: Twitter dictionary interface sees the light of day

We just started our world-new, ground-breaking, forever-changing dictionary interface on Twitter. OK, enough supreme-word-usage. To put it into a nutshell: Now you can use Twitter to access our dictionaries – just send us a word and we’ll send the corresponding translation back. You can check it out at our Twitter dictionary page.

Again, it was one of our users who suggested this nifty little feature. Thanks to online marketeer and SEO specialist Andre we can now communicate with over 60 million unique visitors. Way to go!
So, what’s next? Maybe we should get a satellite and start communicating with aliens. I quite like the idea, unfortunately a satellite costs $200-600 million according to a quick Google search. I guess in the meantime we are going to take a look at other communication channels.

Update for clarification purposes: We are not the first ones to start a Twitter-based dictionary. To our knowledge there is at least one other service called with a similar offering.


Welcome, 2010.

Dear fellow language lovers around the world,

A very warm welcome to the new year 2010! Warm is probably not the best way to describe the current temperatures in Germany. It is really chilly, actually.

While we are working on new products just sit back, relax and test your knowledge with one of our quizzes about the New Year around the world:

Sprachen lernen - Sprachtest

(Yes, I know, the test is one year old, but the questions are still up to date 🙂 )