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Auto-correct: OFF


The days of misspelling words are nearly over. At least when you use more advanced programs such as MS Word with their auto-correct functions. In the blogger world we still see many spelling mistakes but that’s probably due to the fact that there is no standard auto-correct function installed in WordPress. Anyway, our dictionary search still allows you to type just as you like. We could even called it a feature but let’s be modest (and honest): It’s always been that way. This allows us to do some cool data analysis on the words that couldn’t be found. And after some tweaking and crunching we finally completed our  Top Misspelled Words 2009 list.

Big round of applause for each seperate word – they are just awsome to look at. Wether you like maffia or belive in advertizing, particulary the dogy words adress cool misspellings. There, I made it – each top 10 word in my post. Way to go!


To unfriend – break up the easy way

The Oxford University Press recently announced the Word of the Year 2009: to unfriend. It is the process of removing someone as a ‘friend’ on a social networking site such as Facebook. So finally we found a way of breaking up the easy way: Just unfriend the person on Facebook, usually the person won’t even notice it unless he/she looks into his contacts. I guess it is similar to not answering phone calls any more. So, if you want to keep up the good old way of “announcing” the break up do the following:

1. Set your relationship status to single.

2. Unfriend the person.

3. Send a direct message “It’s over”, or if you want to make it more public just post a status update “Let’s just be (unfriended) friends.”

4. Join all single groups on Facebook like “I am single and I am hot”, “Single and sexy”, “Men are plain stupid” or “Women: STOP talking”, “Who needs a boy/girlfriend when I have me?”, “Me, myself and I” to show your true committment.

5. Don’t forget to go all the way: Unfollow on Twitter (is there a unfollow Monday or so on Twitter?), delete the person from your Skype list etc.

If this doesn’t work, we recommend some of the expressions in the “When all else fails” section of our complaints survival guide.

Now, that’s it. Over and out.