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Dictionary widget: Check

We’re done with our dictionary widget. We’ve added some customization features (language, default dictionary, size of widget) so you can choose what works best for your website. And while we were at it we also updated our other widgets for Netvibes, iGoogle and Pageflakes. Now it’s up to you which of the widgets you choose to search our 15 dictionaries. And if you are not into widgets, just use the Firefox toolbar instead. So, no excuses (except for IE6 and Safari users).

Have a great start into the week!


Your website, your widget

We thought that there are plenty of language lovers around the world who could use a cool dictionary widget on their personal website.

That is why we created some “standard” dictionary widgets that are easy to include on a website. Why standard? Standard because we have three standard sizes and you just pick the one you like. Standard as well because you simply copy the HTML-Code for the widget and that’s all.

Before we officially publish the new widgets we wanted to get some feedback from YOU, our most beloved users. 😉

Check this link for a preview of the widgets:

We would like to get your opinion: Is there anything you would want to add, change, improve? Let us know!


PS: We are planning WordPress, Blogger, Typo3 and Joomla Plugins as well. Please let us know if there is anything else you are desperately waiting for. 😉

Probably the world’s best business model

You know you’ve got an awesome business model when so many people want to use your service / buy your products that you can’t satisfy the demand. That’s exactly what happened to Kiva, a social microlending website. We’ve discussed it before, actually we invested some money as well in return to our users answering a questionnaire. A couple of weeks ago I got a message that repayment on one of our loans had started. I logged in and tried to lend more money but there were no people to lend to. The service is so popular that it is hard finding new borrowers. Today, I checked it out again, and – lucky me – I found two new groups to reinvest our money. People not being able to invest their money fast enough, sounds a lot like some news about half a year ago. But it is still happening and this time it is “brick and mortar” investments.


Pimp your Firefox browser…

with the supercool brandnew Firefox plugin from It supports nearly all languages currently offers. Click on your language to get to the appropriate page:

Have fun!


P.S. Oh, we forgot Russian!