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A few days ago we announced that it is Twitter Time at

Now we go retro… – it’s Facebook time.

Yes, we created a Facebook group a long time ago but somehow forgot about it. Not so good…

Our Facebook group called (what a surprise) let’s you get the latest news on new dictionaries, games, quizzes and any other sense and nonsense related to languages.

We currently have 264 members in the group – so come on and join!

Check out our ‘superior’ blog, Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date with the latest language loving news. Could life be better? 🙂

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Yes, we can… translate it properly

Hey, Language Lovers around the world!

Today is Barack Obama’s inauguration… inauguration – what a word, do only Germans have problems to write and pronounce it properly?

Anyway, three words from Obama became world-known in the last year: Yes, we can.

Regardless if you like the slogan or not, it is short, crisp, straight to the point.

Now the question is: Would it be possible to translate this slogan properly into some other languages? How would you translate “Yes, we can” into German? “Ja, wir können” – no. “Ja, wir schaffen es.” – maybe.

So our language blog Lexiophiles posted a voting for the best translation of “yes, we can” into seven languages.

Please check it our – and vote for the translation you like best. And after that, please add it into our dictionary. 😉

Have a great day,


It’s Twitter time

OK, the Twitter bug has finally caught us as well. We’ve got five followers after a couple of days, so my prediction is about 1 million followers by 2024. Enough nonsense, our Twitter name is “bab_la” in case you want to follow us as well. Or just go to our Twitter page.



Welcome, new year

A brief welcome to our 14 fellow readers. New year, fresh start, new ideas. This will be an exciting year with lots of new products and content. Of course, we have some interesting ideas for But what about you? Google is doing it, so why shouldn’t we? So now is the time to tell us what YOU want. Use the comment function or write me an email to andreas [at] bab [dot] la. Yes, you are right, we won’t be able to implement every one of your ideas. But we feel confident that your ideas lead to some exciting new features and products, such as the voting for the relevancy of a translation. Wouldn’t that be a nice late Christmas present? 😉

Have a great start!